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In this theme I want to speak about the mystery of fire and the magical believeswhich are related to all metallurgical crafts in general.The primitive man knew and used before the terrestrial iron, the meteoritic one.But the metals in his opinion even they come from the earth even they hadheavenly origins had magical forces that is why not anybody could work withthem.In China and India, the melting pots, and the initiates, those who know therituals, kept around them a sacred area which was powered and guarded bymagical forces.It exists a priestly caste, which was taking care and executing the metallurgicalworks and kept the secrets regarding the technologies, which were transmittedorally.In Asia, building a foundry was an issue of virtue and had to be done by a pureman who was familiar with the rites of the craft.I will not continue with a cultural history of metallurgy, even it would beinteresting, because it is a very rich palette of rites and symbols.
But the connection between the mineral substances and Mother Earth isobvious. What is common in all of them is that founders recall a magical-religious experience specific to substances. This experience is very stronglyrelated to their heritage and the secrets are transmitted by initiation rites.The lively and sacred material is transformed by a technological process whichhas at his base another live and sacred element: Fire.
Being trained as sculptor, since I was a student I worked with fire and waxhaving more the 20 years’ experience in bronze casting. The work was foundedmostly upon the so-called wax-losing process. During it the form which isoriginally made by wax, and covered in a refractory material, is put in an ovenwhere it burns three days and nights at a certain degree. In this period of time,the wax form which will be cast slowly melts and then burns out completely nomatter the size. In the empty place founder pour the melted bronze in, which ismelted in a crucible separately.This is the reason why work with wax and encaustics is so familiar to me. Fromthis background reaching the Madonna-candles was one step which took a longtime though.
The theme of Madonna’s came to me since my childhood, where due to a veryreligious grandmother we had in our home highly guarded and worshipped astatue which is now mine. I was always thinking of it as goddess and never havethe smallest reason to doubt in her powers. For ten years now I write and thinkdifferent projects related to this issue, where most of them implicate fire andtransformations.