the consciousness in motion



Video Art






4000.00 €


Video dance to project on a monitor or on screen in video projection. This video can be projected as a painting.
I’am artists performer, and I collaborate for natural’s space project with Georges Crébassa, musician, compositor and group leader. Our common practice allows us to offer a spontaneous performance, and each time singular according to the moment. We like to keep some video from those moments and transform it in art video.
The video « the consciousness in motion », in the art series« Mirror of the soul » : Anima, soul of naturals things and movements, on the rivage, dance, animal, bird, comes to cast the spirit to incarnate. Consciousness is done, the nature is beauty with those new eyes ! In the lap, under the surface of the matrix waters, just on the surface of the sea, the child still part of the limbo, emerges to the consciousness little by little. Something of the invisible is made material, is made visible, comes alive. We are at this particular moment of the emergence of consciousness. Or consciousness in motion, as if it could be catched.
A co-creation born from the inspiration of a Costa Rican landscape, improvisation dance and music. I finded my source of inspiration in Nature, meditation, practice are done in an open-air Studio. That travels all year round, answering to meetings and invitations. The practice in nature gives a particular, acute consciousness of the world in which we live today, particular time of the world. Of his beauties of his risks. Sharers to this sensibility, My works count and share this singular sensibility, in the cells of the body, flush with the skin, with emotion. Receive it with all your body open.