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Good Family, video, 2019 explores memories from childhood that represent significant psychological moments set in a culture of racial divide. Super 8 film footage from the 1960’s and 1970’s, taken during my father’s tour of duty in Germany, forms the major portion of the video. Domestic  scenes of our mixed race family enjoying home birthday and carnival parties are featured. At first glance, these celebrations appear fun-filled and joyous, however, my personal memories are often bittersweet and are opaquely referred to in the solemn sounding poetry voice-over.            As a respite from the sometimes dizzying amateurly filmed super 8 family footage, I’ve interspersed contemporary scenes of my adult son dancing in a free and uninhibited manner.  His dancing is coupled with clips of typical German architectural elements such as cathedral spires and gargoyles.  The softness and fluidity of my son’s dancing forms a stark contrast to the hardness and rigidity of the building material. This contrast  describes my African American and German heritages which are, at times, culturally at odds and difficult to reconcile.              The natural degradation of the super 8 film, along with the soundtrack and poetry recitation, lends pathos to this intimate view of family activity. Good Family  is a very personal and slightly voyeuristic glimpse into the home life of my mixed race family which was marginalized and arguably not considered a “good family” in the 60’s and 70’s.  Like the current British monarchy, this work gives visibility and legitimacy to a mixed race family group in our often racially charged political climate.