Walls that Remember - The Paper Boys



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The Paper Boys is a piece of the #wallsthatremember project - a sequence of graffiti art pieces, dedicated to the memory of Lithuania's Jewish community. The graffiti is based on an actual picture of two boys selling newspapers in the Jewish Quarter of Vilnius early in the 20th century. The graffiti was brought to life in the very streets these boys walked a century ago. 
Art project #wallsthatremember is a contemporary tribute to the historical memory of the Vilnius’ Jewish community. Prior to the horrors of World War II, Vilnius had one of the most active and largest Jewish communities in the region. During the Second World War, this community was nearly eradicated, which is definitely one of the most painful losses to Lithuania and Vilnius in particular. The project uses historical photos for basis of graffiti artworks, scattered all over the territory of the Jewish Quarter. It already became a tourist magnet. Seen by thousands of people already, Walls that Remember has been welcomed by the local Jewish community, diplomats and opinion-shapers.
Photos: Evaldas Cinga (We Love Lithuania) and artist's personal archive