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EXORBITANTDESCRIPTIONThe is best described as a Mess to Praise piece of Art work because It is a composition created out of recycled materials.  The Art work created is basically an expression of an Idea in the market place. It is a typical action or activity that occurs at a typical African market place. The piece is a Pictorial Composition of art expressing the usual activities of buying and selling at a market place.The picture composition reveals a young boy with the hand stretch to receive a purchased orange fruit from an orange seller.MATERIALS USED Leather Paint Glue Tread stiches Can tin cover Milo Tin  The art work identify some features in art;1. The Art piece is a collage executed work.2. It is a semi abstract form of art which - not depicting a true visual reality of representation.3. Integrated Artifact - using different materials or media. INSPIRATIONEveryone is Indispensable. We are uniquely created with different abilities and skills. You have something to offer and it takes a receptive heart to receive it. Someone needs what you have to survive. Your gift of reward is meaningless unless you have someone to benefit or appreciate.Note that what you have is essential and profitable to others and we must be conscious of our potentials and what we offer because it gives life and reward others near and wide.  

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