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“Death must enter life only to define it.”
(Jean-Paul Sartre)
Life, death, humanity studies, social change, art and social entrepreneurship resulting in the exchange of ideas and life philosophy, have always been the backbone of humanity and society and are an integral part of the evolution of a creative, peaceful and innovative society.
Nevertheless the challenge of our time is to create interdisciplinary opportunities that benefit all parties. The current situation of refugees in Europe (including Italy) has created great social, economic and political friction. We as researchers, journalists, academics, educators, artists and entrepreneurs are in the unique position to reflect, innovate and try to come up with practical solutions to show that together we can be our strongest.   
A lot of refugees want to work. There is nothing worse in life than having talent, intelligence, pride but feeling helpless. Coming to a new country is like entering a new universe. You are dependent on the kindness of strangers.  It's easy to give up - if you're not given a chance, a helping hand, a kind smile.
For the practical interaction between refugees and the Italian youth we needed to find a common theme/concern/anxiousness and niche market. Nowadays Western living environment and often one-dimensional taboo portrayal of death is very often the ‘death’ of inspiration, innovation, and implementation. The active celebration of life by working with refugees who support the Italian youth to fund their startups (by building unique artistic and collaborative coffins) is a step into the right direction. Both parties need to win to be happy in order to develop respect for each other and to work towards a successful future.
Tolerance needs to be lived, not theorized.