Nudo di donna - Scala Contarini del Bovolo



Photographic Art



120x80 cm, photo behind acrylic glass



Elaborazione digitale



Not for sale


Digital photo of the projection of digital photo (Venice 2018) on model (studio). This work is part of the Portfolio Nudo di donna ©rubicon«Venezia è come una donna. In un 'attimo credi di averla trovata, poi scompare. Per poi improvvisamente riapparire. Forse.»«Venice is like a woman. In a moment you think you found her, then she disappears. Only to suddenly reappear. Maybe.» __InspirationThis project is a homage to the city of Venice, Italy as well as to the 1981 Italian movie "Nudo di donna" directed by Nino Manfredi. Technique: Projection On Human BodyAll projected pictures of Venice were taken 2018, just after the Carnevale. All pictures for this project were taken in my studio at the Atelier Mehrblick in Basel. Application Arte Laguna 13th EditionMy submission to the Arte Laguna Prize 18.19 consists of 4 photographs from this portfolio: 1 Nudo di donna – Giudecca I 2 Nudo di donna - Scala Contarini del Bovolo 3 Nudo di donna - San Marco 4 Nudo di donna - Giudecca III Proposed Format:120 x 80 cm, photo behind acrylic glassMy Work - ©rubiconMy credo is "you never get the whole picture." In all my projects I try to see the synchronicity of happenings on different levels at the same time. Rubicon is my copyright-name and has been my nickname since I was a child. I'm Italian, living and working in Riehen/Basel, Switzerland.