Mixed Media: Combining my drawings with my acrylic and watercolor textures. C-Print, Diasec Mount.



6000.00 €


Mixed Media: Combining my drawings with my acrylic and watercolor textures.One-edition only print mounted on a alucobond aluminum panel behind acrylic glass (plexiglass).  
An image is optimized for an acrylic glass cover before printing. The print is cut to size and mounted on a Alucobond  panel. Alucobond is an aluminium composite panel resistant to bending. A hanging frame is attached to the back. The acrylic glass is fixed onto the print with a special adhesive. The result is vibrant and crystal clear artwork.
By combining handmade drawings and paintings with possibilities offered by technology, I blend illustrative elements with conventional painting and works on paper, thus creating an effective language of my own through my use of traditional techniques and new media. Intertwining expressionist elements –which have become more prominent in my most recent works– and quasi-fictional narrative images,  I create works which establish an intense perceptional connection with their audience. Ranging from optimistic to bleak, these works are impressive visual designs with their use of colors and their dynamic linear compositions, and they radiate a graceful and poetic sensibility.
The works are based on the relational dynamics man establishes with his social, natural and physical surroundings. In addition to being autonomous, man becomes a significant part of the whole by means of both his intellectual and corporal qualities. And his becoming of a subject depends on the conflictual relationship he establishes with the whole. Focusing on this “situation”, I pick “moments” of separation and union that individuals experience in their inner worlds, and I convey the resulting emotional state with my images.