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ODE – All Art That Is Fit to Print

ODE was born in 2012, in Treviso, from over thirty years of experience in the art of industrial printing, with the aim of offering the world of artists, designers and culture in general, a print and digital publishing service.


Attention to printing solutions, quality of finishes and “sustainability” mean that Ode products have been appreciated because they are accessible, not only economically, to everyone.


ODE offers various solutions for the creation of art catalogs and optimizes the value of the contents present in a publication with original printing “enhancements”, generating not only a paper communication medium, but at the same time, an original and “unique” work of art that the artist has to certify and guarantee.


The publication, through an original style exercise by the Artist / Author, thus becomes the “Certificate of Guarantee” that is issued to every collector.

ODE | Arte Laguna World
ODE | Arte Laguna World

Starting from the “Pocket Art” notebooks, up to “maxi” formats, ODE designs, creates and publishes catalogs that are developed by drawing inspiration from the style of the artists themselves, giving the right technical support, for all stages of production: project graphic design, layout, proofreading, printing and delivery.


ODE publications are appreciated by artists, art galleries and curators because they have affordable and measured prices.


ODE, for each publication it produces, recognizes the Copyright only to the Artist or author, curator or client, thus renouncing any right of reproduction, to put the Author in the foreground.

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