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Révoltés // 150x150 // Unique piece
Rodolphe Barsikian throws in his art a reflection on Human and his complex and obsessional relationship to time, to life and to modernity.  This allegorical work is deeply and brutaly emotional, carrying the burden of a man searching for meaning, mad with contradictions and disturbing emotions, all bigger than him. Each work is unique, offering a window on a raw yet profuse emotion. It is both with power and complexity that he addresses the relationship between himself and his time, a decidedly technological era. Thus, using vectorial technology, Rodolphe’s work nests an obsessive number of layers of destructured graphical material, providing for an intense confrontation. Having had a classical training, Rodolphe chose to use numeric technology in the pursuit of dematerializing graphical (patterns), the central and aesthetical theme of his art. If screen has replaced the painter’s canvas, all of the shapes and patterns he uses in his work are created by his hand. His inspiration comes from nature, dead and alive. Each line must be right. Each shape and pattern is a prelude to line-drawing. Emotions flow from the strength and the profusion of organic material destructuring to infinity.