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Do you remember Origami? Origami, one of the most familiar forms of art derived from the ancient days.Here I present a tent to revive the  typical Japanese 5 senses.A simple kraft paper with  mountain & valley folding lines.Made with a hint from the ancestral technique.The idea of this tent is taken from Origami.Visual surprise that a plain sheet of paper becomes three-dimensional in a simple work, tactile when folding the paper, smell and sound which you will experience inside when the tent is built.All of which reminds the 5 senses of Japanese.
The purpose of this tent is to ”rest and revive the senses”. Visitors of this tent will be welcomed to rest in the cosy atmosphere, filled with nostalgia and security. Through the act of creating the tent, with the sound and smell of the paper, the grown ups will find themselves going back to their childhood. The tent will also revive the aesthetic sense of Japanese. Origami is a traditional form of art, which everyone is familiar in Japan. It is a common children’s play, usually taught from family and friends. Repetition of delicate foldings creates countless unique shapes. The other reason that I created this tent, is the Great East Japan Earthquake in 3.11. On the news, I saw the lives of people in the shelter with full of distress and uncertainty. The first thing that caught my eyes were the ”cardboard wall” set in between the spaces of evacuees at the temporary shelter. It was playing an important role of privacy protection.This came to my mind, that I could add one simple action to turn it into a tent, and it would be something which will brighten up the heart of people. This is how I came up with the tent, utilizing the principle of Origami.It is with my wish, that we overcome this crisis with design, intrinsic to Japanese senses.