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Clamor is the first sound amplifier made of carbon fiber; abstract manifestation of mineral and architectural structures. Combining both visual dynamics and costruction, the volumes interact with each other by creating kinetic movement and depth.Carbon fiber is a synthetic fabric with characteristics similar to those of steel, namely strength and durability. However, as opposed to steel, carbon fiber allows to produce a soft shape that transmits harmony.Clamor is a single piece of carbon fiber shaped like a three-ways pipe, resembling a motorcycle exhaust. The constitutive material enables the combination of the light design of the product with an extreme dynamism.The passive version amplifies the sound without any kind of technology only due to the features of the product’s shape and qualities of the chosen material. The full acoustic amplification is achieved by placing a portable device in the bottom part of the product, which is still ensuring the balance and becomes an essential part of the design itself. It is also released in its “active” version as a Bluetooth speaker.Clamor is an artisanal Italian product, where each curve and cavity undergo rigorous examination to ensure the quality and craftsmanship associated with every product carrying the “Made in Italy” badge with pride.
The perfection of the making the intelligence of the operator and his machine as well as the eye, emotions, attention to details and perfectly crafted finish, bring together the idea and making in a single, unified experienceThe main idea of Clamor is not only to amplify the sound, but to bring a touch of luxury and exclusive style to its surroundings. Being a design product, first Clamor emanates style enriching any environment.

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