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Arte Laguna World promotes: David Solomita

David Solomita is a native of New York City currently living and working in San Francisco.
As an artist he has a varied and eclectic background, but throughout his life and career has sought a central aesthetic that continually surfaces through his artwork. His aesthetic revolves around light, color, and volume, which he uses to create unique spaces to interact with the viewer.

In your works light, colors and space are the main mediums. Why did you choose to work with all 3 and not focus on one?

My earlier work was either black and white or relatively monochromatic.  Some of which can be seen on my website under the Allegory Gallery such as ‘Annual’ and ‘Confiture’.  To me there is a simplicity or an elegance to these pieces and they were in a sense a steppingstone to my current work with a fuller color palette.  The broader color spectrum allows for the work to be nuanced and more atmospheric which helps to create resonance in any given piece. I try to develop an ambiguity, so the viewer has much to play with visually.  With light, color, and space I have a bigger toolkit to pull from.  Additionally, it is important to remember that I never know what I will make on any given day.  The work is never prescriptive.  I fold and build and play with paper and color and light hoping to reveal something of value and interest to me and then ultimately to the viewer.

Your photo format is changing, why do you aim to always bigger dimensions?

The newer pieces are typically 152 cm x 152cm and 152 cm x 204 cm. and currently I print these with the Diasec Printing process.  The reason they are currently this size is directly proportional to the camera megapixel capabilities for optimum print resolution.  As the megapixels increase in cameras, I will continue to go even larger if possible as I strive for a viewer interaction that is physical as well as intellectual.

The presence of the viewer is fundamental in the life of your photos. Why focus on the relationship between Art and Human?

Art often is viewed and controlled intellectually, that is we step back and take it in largely with our eyes and our mind.  With my work I like there to be a physical component that is somewhat inescapable as well, unless you choose to leave its presence.  Very large work influences our reaction to it.  I would rather that the viewer feels the work and not necessarily intellectualize it.

What did it mean to you to be one of the finalists of Arte Laguna Prize?

It was and still is a truly great experience to be a part of the world of Arte Laguna.  The breadth and scope of all the works was inspiring and the venue was impressive.  But the real value has been the people that make up the staff of Arte Laguna.  The show and work never stop.  My piece has travelled and is now in a show and venue north of Venezia, in Villa San Liberale.  This is due to the dedication and tireless work from the staff of Arte Laguna.  I cannot say enough regarding their knowledge and commitment to art and the artists.  I hope to continue my relationship with them.

The broader color spectrum used by David Solomita allows him to create works nuanced and more atmospheric, making them resonance with life and brightness. With light, color, and space he takes us on a journey to discover the infinite facets of the World.