Tour of Asolo and Montello Wineries: Pozas in the vineyard

Tour of Asolo and Montello Wineries: Pozas in the vineyard

It is a travelling art exhibition that was held between the months of July and August on the gentle slopes of Asolo and Montello. This fascinating initiative unites contemporary art with wine tradition, creating a magical combination that conquers the senses and soul of anyone who takes part. Wonderful events combining contemporary art and food and wine organised by MoCA and Arte Laguna Prize in collaboration with Strada del vino Asolo e Montello.

The exhibited works

Some forty works by the Cuban-born artist Pozas, best seller of the last Arte Laguna Prize, are on display in four wineries in the area. If there is one thing the art world proves time and again, it is that the roads to artistic success are often unpredictable and surprising. A living example of this truth is the artist René Monzón Relova, known as Pozas, who captivated the public and achieved global attention with his solo exhibition ‘Cruiser for Everyone’ in Campo San Luca in Venice, organised by the cultural association MoCA.
As Pozas continues his artistic journey, his promising future is enriched with new possibilities.

The Combination of Art and Wine

‘Pozas in the vineyard’ is not just an artistic event. It is an exciting journey that guides you through the picturesque cellars of the renowned hillside areas of Asolo and Montello, famous not only for their delicious wines, but also for the timeless beauty of the surrounding landscapes. On this unique tour, you have the opportunity to admire contemporary works of art by an international artist, while getting lost among wine barrels, magnificent cellars and the enveloping greenery of the vineyards. “Pozas in the vineyard” is much more than an event: it is an invitation to discover and experience the intrinsic beauty of these extraordinary lands through the eyes of art and wine.